Djuna Day Studio

Djuna Day designs and builds residential commissioned furniture for clients across Canada. Always a builder, she spent her childhood years wishing woodshop class could last all day. After earning a liberal arts degree from New York University, she honed her design and building skills under the direction of AD100 designer Dakota Jackson at his sprawling Long Island City furniture workshop. It was these years, working under the direction of the most skilled furniture and cabinet makers she has ever known, that set her exacting standards for craftsmanship and design. And although her design aesthetic has continued to evolve, her commitment to craft, grace, and risk haven’t wavered. 

Her knowledge of furniture design history is encyclopedic and extremely valuable to her clients during the design process. Her furniture making skill and her ability to build in many styles make her studio an indispensable asset to discerning homeowners as well as talented designers and architects. She is passionate about designing and building furniture for her clients that is just right for their homes or environments.

As well as residential furniture, the studio builds furniture and fixtures for more creative commercial and retail projects. If you have a vision for your space, she would love to sit down with you and talk about how to make it happen. Home visits, job-site visits, and studio visits are part of what she expects to do. She regards these as essential elements of communication with her clients.  

She works with many different kinds of clients, each with their own visions and ideas for their spaces, but with each project she strives to discover exactly what it is her clients need and provide it to them. This is her driving force.