“As-sem-blage”, noun:  A three-dimensional art form, similar to collage, that consists of found and created objects projecting out from a wall-hanging substrate. Origins in early modernism.


I have been building assemblage sculpture for as long as I have been making furniture. In my heart the two are tightly linked. As a craftsperson who builds using finite natural resources, I have a visceral awareness of the rate of my resource consumption versus the value of my end product. In my furniture I find peace with this balance by making sure I produce work that will provide my clients with decades of faithful service.  In my artwork I comment on how, as a society, we find this balance—or fail to do so at our peril.

My earliest sculptures, the series This Is Not How They Said It Would Be, began as assemblages of waste wood arranged in wall-hanging boxes and ebonized to evoke dystopian landscapes. The sculptures were designed to provide a visceral example of the human tendency to dismantle our natural world and reassemble the pieces into environments that feel deeply inhuman.

My later work, the series Everything Seems Alright and It Looked Deserted take a different approach to the same human tendency. No longer made from scrap, but from interlocking handmade wood shapes and tiles, the concentric interlocking circles in space speak of the interconnectedness of all of our actions. They beg us to consider where we fit in the closed system that is our planet and remind us that, from a resource standpoint, the choices we make now have a real impact on the choices that will be available to us in the future.

Work can be made by commission and to size.  All work is available through Mayberry Fine Art in Toronto.  The best way to view these pieces is with a visit to the gallery.


Assemblage Work

This Is Not How They Said It Would Be, Assemblage #7, 48” x 48”, 2011. Ebonized wood blocks in box.


This Is Not How They Said It Would Be, Assemblage #2, 24” x 96”, 2006. Ebonized wood blocks in box.


Everything Seems Alright, Assemblage #6, 72” x 72”, 2015. Ebonized wood tiles on frame.


Everything Seems Alright, Assemblage #5, 40” x 60”, 2016. Ebonized wood tiles on board.


It Looked Deserted, Assemblage #1, 36” x 36”, 2016. Ebonized wood tiles on board.