The Studio Collection

The Studio Collection is an evolving group of some of my most popular pieces.  These designs began as commissions, show samples, or studio trials but they have proven so well-liked that they have become pieces I produce regularly.  Although the designs are complete, each piece in The Studio Collection is made to order.  Clients may make their choice of size, material, and finish.  A quote for any variation can be provided in little time.


Djuna’s designs have reminded me that beauty can be a daily constant. A quiet joy. But just as important are her craftsmanship and materials. Djuna’s work exceeds all expectations of those elements.
— Carol Jones, Toronto

Kyoto Dining Table

Originally designed as a housewarming gift for close friends, this dining table has become one of my most requested pieces.  Evoking the aesthetic of traditional japanese carpentry, the table has a commanding yet gentle presence.  Pictured here in solid walnut with optional brass shooting star detail.  As shown: 48” W x 108” L, $9600.


Barcelona Sideboard

The Barcelona Sideboard is inspired by the whimsical nature of modern Catalan design.  Asymmetric, geometric, playful, the sideboard serves as both a piece of sculpture and a highly functional addition to a modern living space.  The Barcelona Sideboard can be made with any combination of doors or drawers.  As shown: 78" L x 16" D x 32" H, $7800.


Hella Writing Desk

The Hella Writing Desk was created for our modern lives lived in small spaces.  So many of us need a desk to work at when work calls, but one that can be closed away when a space needs to serve other functions.  Clean Danish lines with just the right amount of detail make the Hella Writing Desk a pleasure to look at when open for work or closed for play. As shown: 38” W x 52" H x 26" D, $4600.



My clients care deeply for their homes.  They are places of refuge and relaxation and, most importantly, spaces to be one’s self.  It is one of my deepest pleasures to work directly with a client to design and build a piece of furniture that is just right for their home or environment.  To begin a commission contact me and we will arrange a convenient time for either a home or studio visit.

We think of our new table and banquette as a piece of art. It blends perfectly with the ‘language’ of our newly renovated home. When we sit at the banquette we are infinitely grateful that Djuna took the time to get the angles (and comfort) just right.
— Louis and Zorica McEniry