The totem is an age old form. Spiritual, powerful, evocative. A marker of presence and life. A lightning rod connecting the sky to the earth. The totem has been a symbol of wonder about our place in the universe wherever humanity has stopped to gaze at the stars and look for purpose. These new incarnations bring that power to the present; they hold the meaning that totems have always held and carry it into our modern lives.

Vast pleasure and peace. That’s what I feel when I look at the Djuna Day totems in my home. Infused with respect for the natural world, the exacting shapes strike a fine balance of curves and lines, of raw and refined.
— Jelena Adzic, TV & Radio Arts Reporter

The Series 7 totems are larger-than-human pillars turned from a single timber of western  red cedar or Canadian douglas fir. They can be made singly or in numbers and make a commanding statement in a room or garden. $1200-$1600 each.

The Series 5 totems are best in clusters where their blacks and whites, shadows and spaces vibrate and move together. They are made from solid poplar with oil pigments. $320-$400 each.

Totems are available by commission.